Bhangra was created hundreds of years ago in the region of Punjab in India.

It is the traditional music and dance which was used to celebrate the coming of spring and Vaisakhi (Sikh festival which celebrates the harvest season). The actual meaning of Bhangra is ‘a person intoxicated with joy’ which is a perfect description as the explosive, colourful, vibrant atmosphere that Bhangra represents is sure to bring joy to anyone.

Bhangra in the purest form is dancers dancing to the beat of a drum called the dhol whilst singers sing traditional Boliyaan lyrics, other instruments may also be included such as the algozeh, tumbi and dholak drum.

Bhangra now is big business and has seen explosive popularity over the past few decades. Through Bollywood and Punjabi music videos Bhangra has been able to grow and bring joy to lives of many people. Nowadays you will usually see Bhangra being performed at many Sikh parties and weddings.