Our dream is not to let the art form of Bhangra dancing die down. Therefore we love to pass on our years of Bhangra dancing experience through our Bhangra classes in London. Bhangra is not just a great way to meet people but it is also an extremely fun way to get fit.

Whether you are a complete novice or a serious Bhangra dancer please come and embrace our culture and have loads of fun by joining our Ankhile Dance Unit.

What we do in our Dance Workshops

Introduction to Ankhile Dance Unit

  • History of Bhangra
  • Providing a syllabus of the teaching programme
  • Explaining and illustrating several key Bhangra moves
  • Explaining the key attributes to be gained

Teaching the physical art

A syllabus will be followed to enable each member to progress and monitor their performance. Several levels from basic to advance will be taught in areas such as technique, execution, grace, energy control, expressions as well as fitness and stamina.

Team building exercises

Each week, members will be divided into teams. From the teachings within the lessons, all members will participate in a group exercise in order to create a certain calibre of a short dance routine. Each team will perform their dance routines and a winner will be chosen based on a designated criteria.

Building upon personal attributes

The Ankhile Dance Unit would like to build upon confidence, team working, communication and leadership skills with our workshop.

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