Bhangra Dancers for Weddings

If you want to bring a colourful, exciting, energetic and graceful atmosphere to your wedding or function you are in the right place! Ankhile have performed at many weddings, functions and parties and have ‘wowed’ audiences all over the world.

Through our persistent strive to leave our audiences gob smacked and our ambition to be the best Bhangra dancers the UK has ever seen, has led us to help make your wedding or function stand out from the rest. We promise not to leave you or your guests disappointed!

Our Bhangra Dancing Packages

We offer two bhangra dancing packages for weddings and functions, the Deluxe Package and our Ultimate Package. Here is what each package contains:

done Bhangra Dancers – Four of the UK’s finest Bhangra dancers will provide an exhilarating performance.
done Dholi – A traditional drum instrumentalist that will offer a live performance alongside the dance team.
done Traditional attire – All dancers and dhol player dressed in full folk traditional attire. We have a variation of outfits in order to suit your theme of occasion.
done Professionally produced music – A soundtrack produced by one of the world’s top music producers. Our unique soundtrack will definitely liven up your event and create an unforgettable epic moment.
done Ceremonial walk in – The special couple will be accompanied by our dhol drummer.
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done Ceremonial walk in – The special couple will be accompanied by our full team which will include ALL dancers and dhol drummer. All dancers along with the dhol drummer will create an explosive entrance for the special couple and will capture the audience’s attention.
done Audience dance competition – This is an exciting new service that the Ankhile Putt Punjab De team will incorporate in your special occasion. We aim to get all participating audiences involved in a 5 -10 minute dance off.
done Enhanced/longer dance routine – A visually entertaining extra that is incorporated in our performance. This will certainly create a bright spark to your event. The performances will approximately last between 20 – 30 minutes.
done Party Starter Service – Getting the crowd up on the dance floor
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